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With over 14 galleries and 2500 objects the Scottish Football Museum is an engaging and inspiring learning experience.

Football is an important part of Scotland’s heritage, our way of life, and sense of identity. The Scottish Football Museum collects, preserves, and interprets this heritage, and our galleries use objects, film, sound, and interactive activities to explain the history and impact of football in Scotland.

Each main section of the museum is covered by notes and a series of activities, which can be photocopied for ease of use when visiting. The activities in the booklet have been designed for children under the age of 12 with the Activity Sheets being slightly easier and designed for children under 8; and the Quizzes written with children aged 9-12 in mind.

For teenagers and older groups, please refer to the Museum Highlights Tour, which contains information for a self-guided tour and topics for discussion. Alongside these sheets, you can also find more resources in the Museum itself, including quizzes and where possible an activity trail for temporary exhibitions. For more information about these, email info@scottishfootballmuseum.org.uk or speak to a member of staff at the Research Desk during your visit.

The accompanying booklet has been designed to enable teachers to conduct an independent tour of the Museum with their pupils.

Highlights Tour and Teachers' Booklet

To book a visit please contact

Email: info@scottishfootballmuseum.org.uk
Tel: 0141 616 6139