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Here’s your chance to score a goal at Hampden and become a Hampden Hotshot.

Only available as part of the Stadium Tour, do you have what it takes to step up to the spot and hit the target?

The speed of your shot will be electronically measured, with the Top 100 in different age and gender categories being registered on our website.

Hampden Hotshots is only available as part of the Stadium Tour.


Hotshots Top 100

The Hotshots Top 100 for each age group are listed below. Is your name on the list?

Tweet us @SFootballMuseum or tag us on Instagram @scottishfootballmuseum and let us know how you get on!

  1. Jessica Collins from Co Cork 44mph
  2. Ellie Montgomery from Cumnock 34mph
  3. Hollie Adamson from Isle of Arran 33mph
  4. Isla Muir from Oban 33mph
  5. Kafui Akpo-Young from Glasgow 33mph
  6. Caolan McGoldrick from Johnstone 32mph
  7. Maisie Connor from Glasgow 31mph
  8. Ms Keith from Unknown 31mph
  9. Charlene Cairns from Saltcoats 29mph
  10. Lauren Sommerville from Irvine 29mph
  11. Lucy Hughes from Coatbridge 29mph
  12. Lauren Sharp from Glasgow 28mph
  13. Rebecca Cochrane from Paisley 28mph
  14. Amy Gallacher from Dundee 27mph
  15. Kathy Russell from East Kilbride 27mph
  16. Chloe Munro from Motherwell 26mph
  17. Heather Cook from Houston 26mph
  18. Rebecca Bowe from Peterborough 26mph
  19. Chloe Garden from Aberdeen 25mph
  20. Hannah Taysum from Ayr 25mph
  21. Nicky Duguid from Turriff 25mph
  22. Rebecca McWilliams from Kildrum 25mph
  23. Christy Allen from Aberdeen 24mph
  24. Jess Morris from Wells 24mph
  25. Katie Hayes from Anniesland 24mph
  26. Kayleigh Buchanan from Callander 24mph
  27. Laurie Bishop from Aberdour 24mph
  28. Amy Whittingham from West Midlands 23mph
  29. Julianna Mathieson from Troon 23mph
  30. Kirsten Fraser from Aberdeen 23mph
  31. Emily Hay from Glasgow 22mph
  32. Iona Milne from Aberdeen 22mph
  33. Isla from Chicago 22mph
  34. Lucy Grenfeu from Hamilton 22mph
  35. Ms Alvise from Unknown 22mph
  36. Natasha Findlay from Scotland 22mph
  37. Rachel Rooney from Motherwell 22mph
  38. Shona Fraser from Aberdeen 22mph
  39. Beth McPhee from Rutherglen 21mph
  40. Caitlin Marshall from Oban 21mph
  41. Caitlin Morrison, from Greenock 21mph
  42. Ciara Eramus from Limerick 21mph
  43. Flora Gillies from Kent 21mph
  44. Jan McConville from Tillicoultry 21mph
  45. Amy Young from Irvine 20mph
  46. Cara Gillespie from East Kilbride 20mph
  47. Corey Taylor from Dumbarton 20mph
  48. Isla Buckland from Bannockburn 20mph
  49. Kelly Scales from Easterinch 20mph
  50. Lara Cumming from Paisley 20mph
  51. Lauren Neane from Norwich 20mph
  52. Megan McLean from Oban 20mph
  53. Ruby Cruickshanks from Unknown 20mph
  54. Shannon Petale from Dunipace 20mph
  55. Amy Weighand from Gorebridge 19mph
  56. Chloe Davis from Cambuslang 19mph
  57. Hannah Fisher from Bournemouth 19mph
  58. Kieran Weighand from Gorebridge 19mph
  59. Lauren Miller from Gorebridge 19mph
  60. Lucy Ferguson from Swinton 19mph
  61. Ruby Simpson from St Combs 19mph
  62. Susie Cummings from Broomhill 19mph
  63. Alana Kerr from Turks & Caicos Isl 18mph
  64. Ellie Gartland from Armadale 18mph
  65. Erika from Monkton 18mph
  66. Holly Stanley from Clydebank 18mph
  67. Imogen Clements from Mid Calder 18mph
  68. Meg Dalton from Northampton 18mph
  69. Niamh Barclay from Erskine 18mph
  70. Niamh Grant from Blairgowrie 18mph
  71. Robyn Wright from Cardonald 18mph
  72. Sarah Irvine from Erskine 18mph
  73. Stefanie Veitch from East Kilbride 18mph
  74. Ursula Webster from Tain 18mph
  75. Aimee Brownue from Arbroath 17mph
  76. Ava O’Neill from East Kilbride 17mph
  77. Elizabeth Graham from East Kilbride 17mph
  78. Emma Price from East Kilbride 17mph
  79. Hannah Simpson from St Ives 17mph
  80. Jane Robertson from Dublin 17mph
  81. Jennifer Gartland from Armadale 17mph
  82. Kirsty Maxwell from Bishopbriggs 17mph
  83. Margaret Dean from Greenfaulds 17mph
  84. Megan Williamson from Armadale 17mph
  85. Amy Church from Bo’ness 16mph
  86. Clare Brown from Edinburgh 16mph
  87. Heria McGhee from Solihull 16mph
  88. Louise Middleton from Greenock 16mph
  89. Rachel Gallacher from Glasgow 16mph
  90. Ruby Paterson from Unknown 16mph
  91. Alice from Edinburgh 15mph
  92. Bethany Graham from Nottingham 15mph
  93. Eva McGhee from Edinburgh 15mph
  94. Kerry Ross from Edinburgh 15mph
  95. Kimberley Guthrie from Falkirk 15mph
  96. Kirsten Barrett from Helensburgh 15mph
  97. Marlyn Rae from Beith 15mph
  98. Mary Kilpatrick from Ayr 15mph
  99. Ms Keith from Unknown 15mph
  100. Shona Wilcox from Edinburgh 15mph
  1. David Pohl from Germany 64mph
  2. Duncan Smith from Aberdeen 51mph
  3. Flock Florian from Germany 49mph
  4. Gavin Shaughnessy from Co Galway 44mph
  5. Max Bendle from Edinburgh 44mph
  6. Tom Whyte from Tayport 44mph
  7. Michael Kelly from Knockentiber 43mph
  8. Finlay Riddell from Old Kilpatrick 41mph
  9. Liam Duthie from Peterhead 41mph
  10. Ben from Dunblane 40mph
  11. Blair Campbell from Buckie 40mph
  12. Daniel Hillier from Menstrie 40mph
  13. Kerr MacDonald from Livingstone 40mph
  14. Archie Nicol from Bearsden 39mph
  15. Cian McCulley from Broxburn 39mph
  16. Finlay McDermott from Lochwinnoch 39mph
  17. Gordon Bain from Ayr 39mph
  18. Jack Hart from Unknown 39mph
  19. James Gordon from Dalgety Bay 39mph
  20. Toby Jamieson from Riddrie 39mph
  21. Tyler McReand from Dumfries 39mph
  22. Alan Black from Airdrie 38mph
  23. Calan from Bishopbriggs 38mph
  24. Charlie Clark from Coatbridge 38mph
  25. Dean Aitken from Dumfries 38mph
  26. Euan Mitchell from Inverurie 38mph
  27. Greg Gourlay from Dumfries 38mph
  28. Jordan Christie from Scone 38mph
  29. Lachlan Booth from Aberdeen 38mph
  30. Liam Strachan from Peterhead 38mph
  31. Lucas McRoberts from Prestwick 38mph
  32. Paul Evans from Merthr Tydfil 38mph
  33. Ross MacKay from Fife 38mph
  34. Stephen Barr from Glasgow 38mph
  35. Aiden Cunningham from Castlemilk 37mph
  36. Calum Fox from Foxbar 37mph
  37. Connor St John from Dumfries 37mph
  38. Craig Maxwell from Carluke 37mph
  39. David Syme from Kilbirnie 37mph
  40. Harry Donaldson from Skelmorlie 37mph
  41. Jack Dick from Renwick 37mph
  42. James Ward from Bearsden 37mph
  43. Jordan Devine from Bathgate 37mph
  44. Josh Chambers from Newmachar 37mph
  45. Kyle Robertson from EK 37mph
  46. Max Gilmour from Milton of Campsie 37mph
  47. Ben Taysum from Ayr 36mph
  48. Bradley Reid from Ballieston 36mph
  49. Callum McMurphy from Erskine 36mph
  50. Callum Stone from Tullibody 36mph
  51. Cameron Touzeau from Greenock 36mph
  52. Daniel Wright from Wallacestone 36mph
  53. Greg Donnelly from Cumnock 36mph
  54. Jack Wardlaw from East Kilbride 36mph
  55. Jamie Findlay from Aberdeen 36mph
  56. Jamie Hendry from Glasgow 36mph
  57. Jamie McIntyre from Renfrew 36mph
  58. Kieren MacGregor from Tullibody 36mph
  59. Lewis McIntyre from Balfron 36mph
  60. Logan Baillie from Bury St. Edmunds 36mph
  61. Martin Friel from Mount Vernon 36mph
  62. Max Beltrami from Glasgow 36mph
  63. Nathan Murray from Glasgow 36mph
  64. Sam Robson from Inchture 36mph
  65. Scott Robb from Edinburgh 36mph
  66. Stuart Hay from Old Kilpatrick 36mph
  67. Cameron Ardern from Denton 35mph
  68. Cameron Clark from St Albans 35mph
  69. Cole Little from Cambuslang 35mph
  70. Daniel Mitchell from Perth 35mph
  71. Dylan Wallace from Longridge 35mph
  72. Euan Deveney from Bearsden 35mph
  73. Euan Morrison from Wimbledon 35mph
  74. Euan Mulgrew from Unknown 35mph
  75. Fraser McNeill from Innerleithen 35mph
  76. John Murray from East Kilbride 35mph
  77. Max Morris from Greenock 35mph
  78. Michael Bird from Essex 35mph
  79. Michael Marks from Carfin 35mph
  80. Reece McCondich from Doonfoot 35mph
  81. Ruari Duff from Cambuslang 35mph
  82. Aiden Docherty from Oldham 34mph
  83. Alex Megan from Motherwell 34mph
  84. Brandon McGillvary from Bo’ness 34mph
  85. Cameron Findlay from Edinburgh 34mph
  86. Cameron Mowat from Edinburgh 34mph
  87. Eidhan McArthur from Glasgow 34mph
  88. Finn Kelly from Dundee 34mph
  89. Jay McGowan from Craigend 34mph
  90. Jordan Wright from Glasgow 34mph
  91. Kobi Hamilton from Unknown 34mph
  92. Robbie Donaldson from Elderslie 34mph
  93. Ross Cowie from Dundee 34mph
  94. Ruari Hyland from Dundee 34mph
  95. Ryan Lawton from Silverdale 34mph
  96. Scott Hutchinson from Hamilton 34mph
  97. Scott McHallam from Mauchline 34mph
  98. Sonny Depellette from Cumbernauld 34mph
  1. Elaine McNish from Renfrew 41mph
  2. Georgie Rafferty from Chryston 39mph
  3. Heather McKune from Motherwell 36mph
  4. Rachel Small from Irvine 36mph
  5. Reese Milne from Glasgow 36mph
  6. Abby Cumming from Glasgow 35mph
  7. Kayla McGregor from Aberdeen 35mph
  8. Lisa Docherty from Clydebank 35mph
  9. Nicky Jamieson from Gourock 35mph
  10. Taylar Devlin from Newton Mearns 35mph
  11. Chelsie Watson from Irvine 34mph
  12. Eilidh Barr from Crieff 34mph
  13. Erin McGinlay from Pollok 34mph
  14. Kayleigh Reid from Cumbernauld 34mph
  15. Madison Dunn from Tullibody 34mph
  16. Claire Reid from Leslie 33mph
  17. Hannah Crum from Irvine 33mph
  18. Holly Milne from Fraserburgh 33mph
  19. Lauren Miller from Newtonhill 33mph
  20. Jodie Jackson from Melgund 32mph
  21. Katie Murphy from Paisley 32mph
  22. Louise Allan-Brown from Longniddry 32mph
  23. Rosie Cameron from Co Down 32mph
  24. Tasmin Russell from Menstrie 32mph
  25. Zoe McPhee from Rutherglen 32mph
  26. Zuzana from Glasgow 32mph
  27. Audrey Haas from France 31mph
  28. Ellie Reid from Larbert 31mph
  29. Emily Johannesson from Unknown 31mph
  30. Erin MacIntyre from Glasgow 31mph
  31. Jessica McConnell from Irvine 31mph
  32. Sarah-Jane Arr from Glasgow 31mph
  33. Amy Logan from Hamilton 30mph
  34. Brooklyn Kelly from Crossgates 30mph
  35. Charlotte Fraser from Edinburgh 30mph
  36. Gillian Cook from Bishopbriggs 30mph
  37. Kacie Inglis from Crossgates 30mph
  38. Lauren Cartnell from Ilkeston 30mph
  39. Victoria Fairley from Johnstone 30mph
  40. Abigail Harrison from Crossford 29mph
  41. Eilidh MacLeod from Lundin Links 29mph
  42. Ella Jackson from Sunderland 29mph
  43. Emma McMillan from Glasgow 29mph
  44. Katie Stevenson from Ardrossan 29mph
  45. Katy Collier from Essex 29mph
  46. Kelsey Beatson from Cumbernauld 29mph
  47. Keri from Stranraer 29mph
  48. Reece Baker from Glasgow 29mph
  49. Catriona Maloney from Deaconsbank 28mph
  50. Clare Barrie from Dundee 28mph
  51. Georgia Hepburn from Argyll 28mph
  52. Megan McLeod from Cumbernauld 28mph
  53. Abigail Harris from Newlands 27mph
  54. Catriona McPherson from Wemyss Bay 27mph
  55. Chloe Dobson from Law 27mph
  56. Gemma Young from Irvine 27mph
  57. Isla Mowat from Peterhead 27mph
  58. Justine Campbell from Glasgow 27mph
  59. Kira Scott from Perth 27mph
  60. Rachel Houston from Sanquhar 27mph
  61. Susan Williams from Edinburgh 27mph
  62. Abby Spencer from Glasgow 26mph
  63. Alice McG from Cambuslang 26mph
  64. Gillian Gillespie from Bishopton 26mph
  65. Kaila Sloan from Overtown 26mph
  66. Kathryn Ruiz from Unknown 26mph
  67. Megan Brawley from Houston 26mph
  68. Molly Mae Brown from Stafford 26mph
  69. Mowri MacKay from Edinburgh 26mph
  70. Rachael Gilmour from Aberdeen 26mph
  71. Abbie Lindsay from Cambuslang 25mph
  72. Ainsley Clark from Glasgow 25mph
  73. Alex Melrose from N Lincs 25mph
  74. Amy from Dunoon 25mph
  75. Beth Murray from Strathaven 25mph
  76. Claire Stenhouse from Glasgow 25mph
  77. Erin Fergus from Glasgow 25mph
  78. Lisa McKie from Rutherglen 25mph
  79. Luca Reddes from Selby 25mph
  80. Lucy Mullen from Ellon 25mph
  81. Naomi Garden from Aberdeen 25mph
  82. Ellie Shearer from Tomintoul 24mph
  83. Emma Jeffrey from East Kilbride 24mph
  84. Fiona Cameron from Oban 24mph
  85. Fiona Kennedy from London 24mph
  86. Julia Hart from Inverurie 24mph
  87. Katie Craig from Edinburgh 24mph
  88. Kirsten Davidson from Robroyston 24mph
  89. Morgan Hill from Castlemilk 24mph
  90. Morven from Troon 24mph
  91. Katie from Troon 23mph
  92. Kiera Capstick from Ayr 23mph
  93. Shari Williamson from Greenock 23mph
  94. Tara Seagraves from Aberdeen 23mph
  95. Aimee Russell from East Kilbride 22mph
  96. Alice McFarlane from Stewarton 22mph
  97. Brenna Stalker from USA 22mph
  98. Gabriel Antionette from East Finchley 22mph
  99. Kirsty Fitzimmons from Glasgow 22mph
  100. Maddie Berston from Orkney 22mph
  1. Robbie Anderson from Ard 57mph
  2. Luke Boyd from Houston 53mph
  3. Andrew MacShannon from Glasgow 52mph
  4. Rhys Black from Glasgow 52mph
  5. Conor Fraser from Kirkcaldy 50mph
  6. James Sinclair from Edinburgh 50mph
  7. Reiss Dale from Unknown 50mph
  8. Blair Dickson from Monifieth 49mph
  9. Jack from Uddingston 49mph
  10. Archie Wade from Rugby 47mph
  11. Harry Salinger from Watford 47mph
  12. Connor Wilson from Crystal Palace 46mph
  13. Drew Potts from Ralston 46mph
  14. Jamie from Edinburgh 46mph
  15. Callum Higgins from Bristol 45mph
  16. Ewan Sandilands from Mussleburgh 45mph
  17. Jack Maxfield from Gourock 45mph
  18. Jack McEwan from Knockintiber 45mph
  19. Jack Tetsill from Falkirk 45mph
  20. Max McFarlane from Gourock 45mph
  21. Murray MacKintosh from Kilwinning 45mph
  22. Christopher Paton from Unknown 44mph
  23. Kyle from Cumbernauld 44mph
  24. Luke Culliton from Falkirk 44mph
  25. Robbie Craig from Falkirk 44mph
  26. Ryan Leitch from Renfrew 44mph
  27. Scott Munro from Carronshore 44mph
  28. Zuriel from England 44mph
  29. Bobby Houston from Greenock 43mph
  30. Calum Wilson from Bellshill 43mph
  31. Corey Irvine from Glasgow 43mph
  32. Cory Booth from Aberdeen 43mph
  33. Jack Sim from Elgin 43mph
  34. Jake Grice from Skye 43mph
  35. Michael Gools from Glasgow 43mph
  36. Noah Millar from Kilbirnie 43mph
  37. Tom Gittens from West Overton 43mph
  38. William Hall from Glasgow 43mph
  39. Aidan Barlow from Edinburgh 42mph
  40. Ben Aikman from Edinburgh 42mph
  41. Brandon Laugh from Northern Ireland 42mph
  42. Callum Hunter from Kilmarnock 42mph
  43. Calum Shields from West Calder 42mph
  44. Connor Aitken from Linlithgow 42mph
  45. Connor Anderson from Dundee 42mph
  46. Deilan McDaid from Dunoon 42mph
  47. Derek McKee from Glasgow 42mph
  48. Euan Barr from Crieff 42mph
  49. Euan Daun from Inverness 42mph
  50. Fraser McKenzie from Troon 42mph
  51. Jacob Fraser from Dunfermline 42mph
  52. Jonas Webe from Unknown 42mph
  53. Jonathan Wallace from Bearsden 42mph
  54. Leo Cochrane from Rutherglen 42mph
  55. Lewis Tidy from Kilmarnock 42mph
  56. Logan Foster from Troon 42mph
  57. Peter Leech from Co Durham 42mph
  58. Rhys Proctor from Clarkston 42mph
  59. Riccardo Corrieri from Paisley 42mph
  60. Sam Oliver from Skelmorlie 42mph
  61. Scott Bryson from Leuchars 42mph
  62. Aaron Currie from Edinburgh 41mph
  63. Alexander from Dunblane 41mph
  64. Ben McNicol from Uddingston 41mph
  65. Cole Crawford from UK 41mph
  66. Cole Guthrie from Forfar 41mph
  67. Conor Black from Dundee 41mph
  68. Dale Dickson from Glasgow 41mph
  69. Finn Burwood from Insch 41mph
  70. Greg Campbell from Motherwell 41mph
  71. Lee E Gavin from Edinburgh 41mph
  72. Luke Thomson from Coatbridge 41mph
  73. Murray Wallace from Unknown 41mph
  74. Peter Stewart from Blantyre 41mph
  75. Ace Young from Melbourne 40mph
  76. Alex Bird from Essex 40mph
  77. Andrew Reid from Kinghorn 40mph
  78. Callum Ludlow from St Leonards on Sea 40mph
  79. Calum Edgar from Berks 40mph
  80. Christopher Price from East Kilbride 40mph
  81. Dale O’Neill from Paisley 40mph
  82. David Waite from Beith 40mph
  83. Ethan Ross from Uddingston 40mph
  84. Ewan Gourlay from Dumfries 40mph
  85. Gary McKenna from Swindon 40mph
  86. Jack Anderson from East Kilbride 40mph
  87. Kai Davidson from Glenrothes 40mph
  88. Kaylib McCormick from Coatbridge 40mph
  89. Lawrence Shawland from Glasgow 40mph
  90. Lewis Dickson from Montrose 40mph
  91. Liam Hardie from Arbroath 40mph
  92. Lukas Standfest from Nurnberg 40mph
  93. Owen Buchanan from Motherwell 40mph
  94. Ryan Mccarthy-Lee from Kincardine 40mph
  95. S Thomson from Newtonhill 40mph
  96. Taylor Curran from Glasgow 40mph
  97. Callum Shelvey from Ardrossan 39mph
  98. Harry Campbell from Irvine 39mph
  99. Harvey Falconer from Fraserburgh 39mph
  100. Masson Wright from Unknown 39mph
  1. Hannah Cooper from Monifieth 51mph
  2. Isobel MacIntyre from Llanharan 49mph
  3. Aitor Monedero from Spain 47mph
  4. Alex Robson from Inchture 44mph
  5. Erin Halliday from Coatbridge 43mph
  6. Hayley Lang from Paisley 43mph
  7. Jo Brown from Ayr 43mph
  8. Shelby Elson from Aldershot 42mph
  9. Gemma Boal from Penicuik 41mph
  10. Nina Fitzsimmons from Glasgow 41mph
  11. Rachel Hunter from Larbert 40mph
  12. Ellise Mitchell from Grangemouth 39mph
  13. Grace Foxe from Abbeyleix 39mph
  14. Luice Wheater from Abbeywood 39mph
  15. Elle Buchan from Aberdeen 38mph
  16. Joss Nicol from Eaglesham 38mph
  17. Iona McLeod from Aberdeen 37mph
  18. Louise Feggans from Linwood 37mph
  19. Vicoria Glover from Rutherglen 37mph
  20. Emily Tomb from St. Madoes 36mph
  21. Katie from Tetsworth 36mph
  22. Kira Holliman from Glasgow 36mph
  23. Lauren Pledger from Somerset 36mph
  24. Leah Cobb from Glasgow 36mph
  25. Margo Lewis from USA 36mph
  26. Mhairi Browne from Blanefield 36mph
  27. Mikaela from Annbank 36mph
  28. Amber Nubgaard from Poolsville 35mph
  29. Chloe Rogers from Bath 35mph
  30. Clare Williamson from Edinburgh 35mph
  31. Katie Wareing from Morecambe 35mph
  32. Laurie McMaster from Kilbarchan 35mph
  33. Lisle Jamieson from Unknown 35mph
  34. Katie Duffy from Edinburgh 34mph
  35. Niamh Kirkwood from Mollinsburn 34mph
  36. Siobhan Toland from Linwood 34mph
  37. Stephanie Cumming from Turriff 34mph
  38. Amy Cook from Eastfield 33mph
  39. Amy Hanlan from Hamilton 33mph
  40. Chloe Glass from Southampton 33mph
  41. Emily Dickinson from Paisley 33mph
  42. Erin from Cumbernauld 33mph
  43. Laura Burgers from Knightswood 33mph
  44. Leanne Spence from Orkney 33mph
  45. Naomi Higgins from Possilpark 33mph
  46. Rebekah McMullan from Limavady 33mph
  47. Shannon Mattear from Ruchill 33mph
  48. Siobhan Whitelaw from Edinburgh 33mph
  49. Aoife Robertson from Dublin 32mph
  50. April Robertson from Simshill 32mph
  51. Caitlin Lamb from Cambs 32mph
  52. Chloe Forrest from Stranraer 32mph
  53. Hannah from Greenock 32mph
  54. Hannah Stalker from Glasgow 32mph
  55. Holly Watson from Norton 32mph
  56. Kayleigh Drummond from Cathkin 32mph
  57. Kayleigh Reid from Cumbernauld 32mph
  58. Lorelle Orchant from Newton Mearns 32mph
  59. Megan Winston from Rothernorman 32mph
  60. Natasha Bryson from Leuchars 32mph
  61. Gillian Claney from Glasgow 31mph
  62. Leah McDougall from Hamilton 31mph
  63. Louise Burke from Glasgow 31mph
  64. Lucy Melville from Golspie 31mph
  65. Megan Mitchell from Greenock 31mph
  66. Micela Watson from Annebank 31mph
  67. Sarah Clelland from East Kilbride 31mph
  68. Amy Middleton from Greenock 30mph
  69. Clare Cully from Larbert 30mph
  70. Eilidh Thomson from Edinburgh 30mph
  71. Jenny Frew from Bishopbriggs 30mph
  72. Lauren Clark from Pollokshields 30mph
  73. Lexie Fellows from Kings Park 30mph
  74. Rachel Cook from East Kilbride 30mph
  75. Rachel Paterson from Glasgow 30mph
  76. Rebecca Carslaw from Cumbernauld 30mph
  77. Tori Beresford from Enniskillan 30mph
  78. Emma Craigie from Bridge of Allan 29mph
  79. Hannah McLarry from Edinburgh 29mph
  80. Holly Clark from Edinburgh 29mph
  81. Lauryn Lindsay from Glasgow 29mph
  82. Megan Cassidy from Perth 29mph
  83. Megan Copeland from Irvine 29mph
  84. Megan Hyland from Dundee 29mph
  85. Natalie Docherty from Rutherglen 29mph
  86. Rachel Marshall from Lumphanan 29mph
  87. Rachel Wilkie from Westhill 29mph
  88. Ava Blue from Livingston 28mph
  89. Caitlin McCorry from Glasgow 28mph
  90. Elena Sanderson from Perth 28mph
  91. Francesca Kerr from Newlands 28mph
  92. Jordonne Harris from Somerset 28mph
  93. Kirsty Gollifer from Westhill 28mph
  94. Lorna McDonald from Bridge of Allan 28mph
  95. Megan McLean from Rutherglen 28mph
  96. Nicola Sweeney from Armadale 28mph
  97. Gemma Clark from Aberdeen 27mph
  98. Mhari Henderson from Kilbirnie 27mph
  99. Sophie Marshall from Glasgow 27mph
  1. J Pearson from Glasgow 56mph
  2. Douglas Thomson from Midlothian 54mph
  3. Thomas Hunter from Glasgow 53mph
  4. David Galloway from Turriff 51mph
  5. Aaron MacKenzie from Dunoon 50mph
  6. Alistair Lewis from Lochgilphead 50mph
  7. Billy McLaughlan from Airdrie 50mph
  8. Hamish Gentles from Edinburgh 50mph
  9. Kian Carrigan from Cumbernauld 50mph
  10. Liam Smith from Unknown 50mph
  11. Maxwell Thomas from London 50mph
  12. Ritchie Callaghan from Edinburgh 50mph
  13. Ross Beattie from Aberdeen 50mph
  14. Alex Walker from Stranraer 49mph
  15. Ben Burnett from Wishaw 49mph
  16. Bradley Watters from Irvine 49mph
  17. Graham Galbraith from Cumbernauld 49mph
  18. Ike Okongwu from Glasgow 49mph
  19. Liam Harley from East Wemyss 49mph
  20. Owen Emslie from Laurencekirk 49mph
  21. Sean Clark from Aberdeen 49mph
  22. Zak Perry from Bristol 49mph
  23. Ben from Ayr 48mph
  24. Callum Chapman from Aberdeen 48mph
  25. Calum Daun from Inverness 48mph
  26. Daniel Burns from Cumbernauld 48mph
  27. David Hossack from Peterhead 48mph
  28. Grant Beattie from East Kilbride 48mph
  29. James Todd from Arran 48mph
  30. Jordan Taggart from Renfrew 48mph
  31. Josh McCandlish from Hardgate 48mph
  32. Kieran Creaney from Carluke 48mph
  33. Kyle Rooney from Paisley 48mph
  34. Lewis Campbell from Motherwell 48mph
  35. Luca Newerk from Unknown 48mph
  36. Matthew O’Donnell from Glasgow 48mph
  37. Sam McElone from Unknown 48mph
  38. Thomas Bremner from Craigellachie 48mph
  39. Angus McClymont from Cuil 47mph
  40. Cameron from Corebridge 47mph
  41. Cameron Hendry from Newtonhill 47mph
  42. Christopher Lange from Stirling 47mph
  43. Jack McDowall from JBM FC 47mph
  44. James Ellett from Northolt 47mph
  45. Jay Mackay from Fraserburgh 47mph
  46. Jaymie Cuthbert from Glasgow 47mph
  47. Keegan Bryce from Cumbernauld 47mph
  48. Keiran Douglas from Port Seton 47mph
  49. Kevin Stewart from Edinburgh 47mph
  50. Lewis Boyd from Aberdeen 47mph
  51. Lewis MacLeod from Unknown 47mph
  52. Lewis Sivewright from Perth 47mph
  53. Liam Mitchell from Bishopton 47mph
  54. Matthew Paton from Glenboig 47mph
  55. Nathanial Black from JBM FC 47mph
  56. Scott Fraser from Aberdeenshire 47mph
  57. Stuart Rodgers from Aberdeen 47mph
  58. Aaron McBurnie from Haddington 46mph
  59. Adam from Preson Pans 46mph
  60. Andrew McIntyre from Broughty Ferry 46mph
  61. Ben Collatin from Crosshouse 46mph
  62. Ben McAllister from Rathmore Dr 46mph
  63. Billy McGinn from Irvine 46mph
  64. Blair Mitchell from Elgin 46mph
  65. Callum from Glenboig 46mph
  66. Callum McCreadie from Corby 46mph
  67. Cameron Oag from Edinburgh 46mph
  68. Chris Leiper from Aberdeen 46mph
  69. David Docherty from Applecross 46mph
  70. Douglas White from Eastleigh 46mph
  71. Ian Christie from Dundee 46mph
  72. Jake Duncan from Bathgate 46mph
  73. Jamie Kirk from Kirkcaldy 46mph
  74. Jonathan Boardley from Dundee 46mph
  75. Kieran McNivan from Airdrie 46mph
  76. Lewis Patience from Munlochy 46mph
  77. Lewis Raeside from Monifieth 46mph
  78. Lewis Somerville from Dartford 46mph
  79. Liam Mortimer from Swinton 46mph
  80. Matthew Brown from Stafford 46mph
  81. Nathan Kerr from Unknown 46mph
  82. Robbie McBlain from Ayr 46mph
  83. Rory Dickie from Dumbarton 46mph
  84. Ross Eaglesham from Glasgow 46mph
  85. Ryan Smith from Peterhead 46mph
  86. Stuart Sandison from Inverness 46mph
  87. Brad Watson from Northhampton 45mph
  88. Callum from Ireland 45mph
  89. Christopher McCaughtrie from Aberdeen 45mph
  90. Euan Holmes from Dundee 45mph
  91. Frazer Barnie from Scotland 45mph
  92. George McClure from Dundonald 45mph
  93. Gregor from Edinburgh 45mph
  94. James Anderson from Philippines 45mph
  95. Johnathan from Ayrshire 45mph
  96. Jordan Yardley from Wakefield 45mph
  97. Liam Breuls from The Netherlands 45mph
  98. Oliver Campbell from Irvine 45mph
  99. Scott Gray from Strathaven 45mph
  100. Skye Feeley from Musselburgh 45mph
  1. Morgan Marsh-Ballard from Swindon 46mph
  2. Siobhan Symington from Erskine 46mph
  3. Emma Scott from South Uist 45mph
  4. Ari Marcuson from Newton Mearns 44mph
  5. Morgan Coyle from Ireland 44mph
  6. Jodi Glow from Uddingston 42mph
  7. M. Laing from Arbroath 42mph
  8. Holly Stewart from Newtonhill 41mph
  9. Kirsty Drennan from Ruchill 41mph
  10. Laurin Titze from Neuss 41mph
  11. Alexandra Hedren from Sweden 40mph
  12. Lauren Buttle from Nottingham 40mph
  13. Laurie Spence from Angus 40mph
  14. Neve Guthrie from Forfar 40mph
  15. Rebecca Wilson from Cumbernauld 40mph
  16. Christie Brown from Midlothian 39mph
  17. Emma Wright from East Kilbride 39mph
  18. Jacqui Agnew from Motherwell 39mph
  19. Jen Mowat from Dalbeattie 39mph
  20. Laura Van Kireken from Edinburgh 39mph
  21. Lynsey Gerrie from Forfar 39mph
  22. Stephanie Fraser from Thistlebank 39mph
  23. Ashleigh Ramson from Greenfaulds 38mph
  24. Caitlyn Haddow from Bothwell 38mph
  25. Chloe Fairley from Livingston 38mph
  26. Grace Nugent from Mount Florida 38mph
  27. Julie Boa from Beattock 38mph
  28. Lesley Will from Aberdeenshire 38mph
  29. Megan Home from Croftfoot 38mph
  30. Naomi Dunphy from Arbroath 38mph
  31. Stephanie Hood from Rothesay 38mph
  32. Weronika from Unknown 38mph
  33. Brooks Tadlock from Helensburgh 37mph
  34. Hannah Murdoch from Dundee 37mph
  35. Amy Cullen from Kirkintilloch 36mph
  36. Christie Duncan from Dunfermline 36mph
  37. Dionne Clark from Knightswood 36mph
  38. Katrina Gordon from Old Kilpatrick 36mph
  39. Sam Grace from Dundee 36mph
  40. Chloe Nicol from Glasgow 35mph
  41. Shannon McLafferty from Gourock 35mph
  42. Caitlin Bell from Glasgow 34mph
  43. Cheryl Graham from Poole 34mph
  44. Chloe Szofran from Glasgow 34mph
  45. Natalie Sweeney from Largs 34mph
  46. Aileen Gillespie from Bishopton 33mph
  47. Bria Stalker from USA 33mph
  48. Lauren Wood from Kilmarnock 33mph
  49. Stephanie Murphy from Uddingston 33mph
  50. Alice Stopani from Aberdeen 32mph
  51. Emma Christie from Newtonhill 32mph
  52. Kaitlin Cross from Glasgow 31mph
  53. Kirstin Beattie from Greenock 31mph
  54. Kirsty Edmonds from Edinburgh 31mph
  55. Kirsty Frew from Rickmansworth 31mph
  56. Lauren McTaggart from Falkirk 31mph
  57. Samantha Stewart from Old Kilpatrick 31mph
  58. Caitlin Naismith from East Kilbride 30mph
  59. Ciara Wood from Jacksonville 30mph
  60. Hilary MacRae from Edinburgh 30mph
  61. Katie Whittingham from Wednesbury 30mph
  62. Rebecca Hepburn from Argyll 30mph
  63. Sarah McKay from East Kilbride 30mph
  64. Anna Innes from Bearsden 29mph
  65. Emma Reele from Motherwell 29mph
  66. Erin Dunne from Australia 29mph
  67. Karie Warrilow from Cumbernauld 29mph
  68. Kirsty Drever from Edmonton 29mph
  69. Lesley Fleming from Twechar 29mph
  70. Louise Bickerton from Kirkintilloch 29mph
  71. Samantha Cameron from Glasgow 29mph
  72. Sana Zahid from Stirling 29mph
  73. Anna from Kettering 28mph
  74. Millie Laird from Motherwell 28mph
  75. Emily McKelvie from Glasgow 27mph
  76. Emma Miller from Newtonhill 27mph
  77. Eve Clark from Ellon 27mph
  78. Hollie Morrison from Greenock 27mph
  79. Megan Wallace from Cargenbridge 27mph
  80. Nicole Christie from Banff 27mph
  81. Eilidh McKay from Buckie 26mph
  82. Jamieliegh Mack from Livingston 26mph
  83. Shona McCrea from Bishopton 26mph
  84. Laura Paul from Inverness 25mph
  85. Rebecca Weir from Bonnybridge 25mph
  86. Sarah McKenna from Swindon 25mph
  87. Amy Johnston from Busby 24mph
  88. Karyn Laird from Glasgow 24mph
  89. Kirsten Jones from Aberdeen 24mph
  90. Alexandria Nunn from Dalgety Bay 23mph
  91. Lisanne de Veies from Holland 23mph
  92. Kirsty Day from Essex 22mph
  93. Chloe from Dunoon 21mph
  94. Chloe Hughes from Coatbridge 20mph
  95. Paige McGuire from Bo’ness 20mph
  96. Sian Livingston from Condorrat 20mph
  97. Stacey Drynan from Maybole 20mph
  98. Aimee Ronald from Stewarton 19mph
  99. Emma Murdoch from Mosstodloch 19mph
  100. Nina K from USA 16mph
  1. Sam Omand from Edinburgh 64mph
  2. Ryan Milne from Glasgow 59mph
  3. Scott Raeside from Unknown 59mph
  4. Dan Brown from Nairn 58mph
  5. Jasper van Veen from Bury 58mph
  6. Liam O’Brien from Cirencester 57mph
  7. Scott Bews from Portlethen 57mph
  8. Tyrell Forsters from Oldham 57mph
  9. Kieran Bell from Dollar 56mph
  10. F Gowran from Burnside 55mph
  11. Will Perry from Bristol 55mph
  12. Andrew Cartledge from Wirral 54mph
  13. Euan Paterson from Strathaven 54mph
  14. Martin McGoughan from Cumbernauld 54mph
  15. Paul Reid from Unknown 54mph
  16. Brian McKinlay from Airdrie 53mph
  17. Dale McDowell from Craigie 53mph
  18. Graeme MacDonald from Broxburn 53mph
  19. Kai Santangelo from Sydney 53mph
  20. David Scott from Fife 52mph
  21. Dean Gregor from Elgin 52mph
  22. John Lynch from Giffnock 52mph
  23. Martin Hart from Whiteinch 52mph
  24. Matt Cole from Portsmouth 52mph
  25. Neil from Dumfries 52mph
  26. Rico McGready from Cumbernauld 52mph
  27. Zak Neilson from Renfrewshire 52mph
  28. Aidan Wilson from Storehouse 51mph
  29. Connor Cole from Glasgow 51mph
  30. Craig Tweedie from Dumfries 51mph
  31. Ross MacNeill from Motherwell 51mph
  32. Stephen Hall from Glasgow 51mph
  33. Ben Corrall from Edinburgh 50mph
  34. Ben Finlay from Ayr 50mph
  35. Calum Watson from Polmont 50mph
  36. Daniel Heneghan from Sligo 50mph
  37. David Barrie from Dundee 50mph
  38. Dean Walker from Edinburgh 50mph
  39. Hayden O’Neill from Greenock 50mph
  40. Joseph Cassidy from Kilmarnock 50mph
  41. Marc Campbell from Dunoon 50mph
  42. Matthew Irwin from Wemyss Bay 50mph
  43. Mitchell Morris from Greenock 50mph
  44. Rhys Logan from Elm Cres 50mph
  45. Richard Welsh from Catrine 50mph
  46. Robbie Esplin from Livingston 50mph
  47. Adam Muir from Bo’ness 49mph
  48. Archie Donaldson from Unknown 49mph
  49. Chizu from Scunthorpe 49mph
  50. Ciaran McAvoy from Glasgow 49mph
  51. Conor Brown from Dalweigh 49mph
  52. Dylan McCann from Duntocher 49mph
  53. Jake Corson from Cumnock 49mph
  54. John Snedden from Glasgow 49mph
  55. Josh from Bellshill 49mph
  56. Marley Weir from Greenock 49mph
  57. Michael Kinloch from Renfrew 49mph
  58. Nathan Oliver from Skelmorlie 49mph
  59. Ryan Lockie from Glasgow 49mph
  60. Scott Smith from Clydebank 49mph
  61. Sean MacIssac from Western Isles 49mph
  62. Sean McGreer from Unknown 49mph
  63. Aidan Sutherland from Perth 48mph
  64. Alistair MacIntyre from Glasgow 48mph
  65. Blair Aitken from Forth 48mph
  66. Cameron Wheatley from Angus 48mph
  67. Christopher MacBride from Newton Mearns 48mph
  68. Daniel Coutts from Unknown 48mph
  69. Dominic Catterson from Preston 48mph
  70. Fraser Marker from Carlisle 48mph
  71. Jack McGowan from Edinburgh 48mph
  72. James McCluskey from Blairdandy 48mph
  73. Keiran from Nielston 48mph
  74. Kyle Ballantyne from Glasgow 48mph
  75. Matt Reffin from Inverness 48mph
  76. McKenzie Payne from Barrhead 48mph
  77. Michael Lawson from Glasgow 48mph
  78. Rory McKenzie from Troon 48mph
  79. Ross Edmonds from Edinburgh 48mph
  80. Ryan MacIndoe from West Lothian 48mph
  81. Stuart Caston from Irvine 48mph
  82. Bradley Benton from Scotland 47mph
  83. Daniel Liebnitz from Turniff 47mph
  84. Darren Williamson from Plane Pl 47mph
  85. Fergus Wright from Alexandria 47mph
  86. Finlay Ledingham from Stirling 47mph
  87. Fraser Fair from Arbroath 47mph
  88. J. Owen Evans from Banff 47mph
  89. James Elgey from East Kilbride 47mph
  90. Jonathan Reid from Cumbernauld 47mph
  91. Joshua Strachan from Unknown 47mph
  92. Leon Heppell from Leeds 47mph
  93. Neil Middleton from Unknown 47mph
  94. Robbie Stanners from Evanton 47mph
  95. Rohan McDowell from Bonnyrigg 47mph
  96. Ross Agnew from Irvine 47mph
  97. Ryan Craig from Helensburgh 47mph
  98. Ryan Price from Kilbarchan 47mph
  99. Stephen McDonald from Kilbarchan 47mph
  100. Stephen Miller from Kilbarchan 47mph
  1. Shannon Urquart from Strichen 67mph
  2. Johan Harris from Dunoon 57mph
  3. Kristian Bale from Colchester 49mph
  4. Samantha Craig from Helensburgh 45mph
  5. Jodie Barbour from Tarbolton 42mph
  6. Rose Fitzpatrick from Glasgow 42mph
  7. Ashleigh Austin from Stewarton 41mph
  8. Christina Kearney from Denmark 41mph
  9. Kelly MacLean from Co. Clare 41mph
  10. Olivia Watt from Cumnock 41mph
  11. Clare Barrie from Dundee 40mph
  12. Holly Thomson from Coatbridge 40mph
  13. Becky Dunphy from Arbroath 39mph
  14. Katie Allan from Bridge of Don 39mph
  15. Michelle O’Donnell from Rothesay 38mph
  16. Claire Walsh from Bellshill 37mph
  17. Jess Elliot from Bristol 37mph
  18. Tasha Nubgoard from Poolesville 37mph
  19. Amy Ramage from Clydebank 36mph
  20. Janice Reid from Auchterarder 36mph
  21. Katya from Aberdeen 35mph
  22. Luci Clein from USA 35mph
  23. Amina Aslam from Glenrothes 33mph
  24. Chloe Frew from Saltcoats 32mph
  25. Emma McIntosh from Middlesex 31mph
  26. Izzy Peters from Wolepole 31mph
  27. Phillipa Melrose from N Lincs 31mph
  28. Kelly Emslie from Aberdeen 30mph
  29. Emma Stewart from Falkirk 28mph
  30. Heather Duff from Brechin 28mph
  31. Debbie Copeland from Whitburn 27mph
  32. Natalie Kean from Renfrew 27mph
  33. Kit Storey from Edinburgh 22mph
  34. Laura MacKenzie from Caithness 20mph
  35. Sinead Scullion from Glasgow 19mph
  1. Aidan Meikle from Kingseat, Fife 69mph
  2. Robert Scott from Kilmarnock 69mph
  3. Gavin Westwater from Dunfermline 67mph
  4. Mackenzie Connelly from Glasgow 63mph
  5. Christian Blanchette from Staffordshire 62mph
  6. Darren Lawson from Unknown 62mph
  7. Kyle Spence from Bathgate 61mph
  8. Matthew Burke from Newtonards 61mph
  9. Ben Rodger from Dundee 60mph
  10. Nathan Moffat from Edinburgh 59mph
  11. Stephen Higg from Clydebank 59mph
  12. Anton Smith from Cupar 58mph
  13. Arthur Duff from Brechin 58mph
  14. Jack Mitchell from Berwick Drive 58mph
  15. Connor Gray from Unknown 57mph
  16. Jack Lockhart from Barns Beach 57mph
  17. Jordan Orr from Mauchline 57mph
  18. Luke Wilkinson from Coxley 57mph
  19. Ryan Smith from Motherwell 57mph
  20. Alex Monk from Hampshire 56mph
  21. Alistair MacIntyre from Glasgow 56mph
  22. Jordon McDonnell from Stepps 56mph
  23. Mark Bennie from Stevenston 56mph
  24. Mark Henderson from Kingspark 56mph
  25. Paul McGreer from Unknown 56mph
  26. Ryan Kee from Duntocher 56mph
  27. Angus from Edinburgh 55mph
  28. Callum Stewart from Paisley 55mph
  29. Cameron Sandilands from Musselburgh 55mph
  30. Dale Russell from Cranhill 55mph
  31. Dylan Hall from Mauchline 55mph
  32. Ross Nicolson from Skye 55mph
  33. Callum Jack from Dumfries 54mph
  34. Callum Nelson from Airdrie 54mph
  35. Callum Scott from Kilmarnock 54mph
  36. Callum Wilson from Dumfries 54mph
  37. Ciaran from Liverpool 54mph
  38. Craig Cooper from Larkhall 54mph
  39. Craig Thomson from Edinburgh 54mph
  40. Stuart Ward from Glasgow 54mph
  41. Calum Baird from Sheffield 53mph
  42. Dean Kerr from Renfrew 53mph
  43. Dominic Kelly from Norfolk 53mph
  44. Dylan Semple from Old Mill 53mph
  45. Evan Blanchette from Staffordshire 53mph
  46. Gary Stewart from Kilmarnock 53mph
  47. Jack Scott from Ripon 53mph
  48. Mathias Skov Jensen from Denmark 53mph
  49. Matt Weldon from Dublin 53mph
  50. Matthew Ramsay from East Kilbride 53mph
  51. Ryan Hammond from Castlemilk 53mph
  52. Ryan Heint from Knightswood 53mph
  53. Sam Porter from Buckie 53mph
  54. Allan Howells from Duntocher 52mph
  55. Cameron Dougherty from Grangemouth 52mph
  56. Fraser Cumming from Renfrew 52mph
  57. Greg Toner from Troon 52mph
  58. James Carcary from Clydebank 52mph
  59. Kyle Laughlin from Motherwell 52mph
  60. Liam Simpson from Carnoustie 52mph
  61. Neil Davidson from Edinburgh 52mph
  62. Richard Doig from Balbeggie 52mph
  63. Rob Shearman from Exeter 52mph
  64. Ryan Pledger from Somerset 52mph
  65. Sean Fergus from Guildtown 52mph
  66. Thomas Schelfaut from Eindhoven 52mph
  67. Till Szibele from Unknown 52mph
  68. Adam Craig from Bo’ness 51mph
  69. Calum Gordon from Stepps 51mph
  70. Calum Scott from Stanecastle 51mph
  71. Jamie Burke from South Queensferry 51mph
  72. Jamie Gray from Salisbury 51mph
  73. Joe Lang from Unknown 51mph
  74. Linus Titze from Germany 51mph
  75. Martin Sutherland from Gourock 51mph
  76. Matthew Bycroft from Alford 51mph
  77. Matthew Harris from Middlesex 51mph
  78. Mike Hoskin from Canada 51mph
  79. Robert Connelly from Renfrew 51mph
  80. Ross Barclay from Cowdenbeath 51mph
  81. Ruaridh Horne from Oban 51mph
  82. Ryan Clifford from Glasgow 51mph
  83. Ryan Kennedy from Annan 51mph
  84. Ryan Wilson from Blantyre 51mph
  85. Scott Local from Stewarton 51mph
  86. Seb Solraag from Glasgow 51mph
  87. Alex Hemphill from Stepps 50mph
  88. Alex Thomas from London 50mph
  89. Ben Finlay from Ayr 50mph
  90. Cameron from Dingwall 50mph
  91. Connor Smith from Glasgow 50mph
  92. Danny Sneddon from Barnet 50mph
  93. Dave Cusack from Guernsey 50mph
  94. Dominic Syred from Inverness 50mph
  95. Euan Holden from Preston 50mph
  96. Kieran Connelly from Birmingham 50mph
  97. Paul Convery from Minnesota 50mph
  98. Ryan Stevenson from Whitsurn 50mph
  99. Scott Halliday from Edinburgh 50mph
  100. Tom Elsbury from Chester-le-street 50mph
  1. Collet Romain from France 56mph
  2. Abbie Tiffoney from Castlemilk 44mph
  3. Chloe Harvey from Bo’ness 44mph
  4. Emily Kerr from Dunfermline 42mph
  5. Kirsty Irvine from Edinburgh 42mph
  6. Emma from California 40mph
  7. Melissa Craig from Falkirk 40mph
  8. Nicole McLean from Twechar 39mph
  9. Chrissie Smith from Edinburgh 37mph
  10. Laura Love from Surrey 35mph
  11. Lorraine McCartney from Edinburgh 33mph
  12. Pascal Senn from Derendingen 31mph
  13. Stephanie Tait from Toryglen 31mph
  14. Katherine Hurley from Neston 27mph
  15. Lisa Smith from Barrhead 27mph
  16. Simone Millugan from Paisley 27mph
  17. Lesley Ann Blair from Mosspark 26mph
  18. Donna Ferguson from Glasgow 20mph
  19. Lulu Ahmed from Glasgow 20mph
  20. Emma Thomson from Inverkip 4mph
  1. Ryan Duke from Aylesford 77mph
  2. Niclas Nilsson from Helsingborg, Sweden 70mph
  3. Brian Donald from Unknown 69mph
  4. Craig Swaby from Great Amwell 67mph
  5. Drew Hislop from Riddrie 66mph
  6. Michael from Liverpool 66mph
  7. James Scales from Merseyside 64mph
  8. Gavin Mitchell from Gretna 61mph
  9. Josh Whiting from Dunfermline 61mph
  10. Matthew from Ayrshire 61mph
  11. Sean Johnson from Saline 61mph
  12. Benjawin Noessner from Munich 60mph
  13. Ross Clarkson from Glasgow 60mph
  14. Stuart Tragis from Musselburgh 60mph
  15. Adam Cornick from Letham, Angus 59mph
  16. Keir Low from Cairneyhill 59mph
  17. Lewis White from Ireland 59mph
  18. Paul Greig from Kirkcaldy 59mph
  19. Craig Stott from Newtyle 58mph
  20. Paul Reid from Johnstone 58mph
  21. Austin Collins from USA 57mph
  22. Brandon Monaghan from Leeds 57mph
  23. Craig Houston from Kilbarchan 57mph
  24. Fraser Scott from Ontario 57mph
  25. Khasha Neil from Edinburgh 57mph
  26. Andrew Reid from Edinburgh 56mph
  27. Calum Johnston from Bishopbriggs 56mph
  28. Cameron Kirkland from Macclesfield 56mph
  29. Euan McRitchie from Lasswade 56mph
  30. Graeme Smith from Bishopbriggs 56mph
  31. Jack Morris from Linlithgow 56mph
  32. James Lemon from Dundonald 56mph
  33. Oscar French from Grimsby 56mph
  34. Darrell McDowall from Aberfeldy 55mph
  35. Paul McKinty from Newport 55mph
  36. Robert Moffat from Govan 55mph
  37. Ryan Sarahs from Dumfries 55mph
  38. Alan Stevenson from Bellshill 54mph
  39. Daryl Haddow from Stewarton 54mph
  40. Jamie McIntosh from Unknown 54mph
  41. Mark McFadden from Motherwell 54mph
  42. Blair Rutherford from Cockburnspath 53mph
  43. David Gray from Boezinge 53mph
  44. Grayson Collins from USA 53mph
  45. Greg Porter from Buckie 53mph
  46. Jonathan MacDonald from Dundee 53mph
  47. Martin Russell from Bishopbriggs 53mph
  48. Mirek Baran from South Africa 53mph
  49. Darren Welsh from Forfar 52mph
  50. Hayden Scott from Montrose 52mph
  51. James Polley from Tillicoultry 52mph
  52. Ollie Wright from Surrey 52mph
  53. Robbie Muir from Clackmannan 52mph
  54. Alex Craig from Ayr 51mph
  55. Alex Robb from Blairdrummond 51mph
  56. Chris Draper from Burnley 51mph
  57. Gregg Wood from East Kilbride 51mph
  58. Harry Kershaw from Accrington 51mph
  59. Ian Beel from Falkirk 51mph
  60. Jamie McKenzie from Cathcart 51mph
  61. Robbie Shaw from Aberdeen 51mph
  62. Ryan Topp from Aberdeen 51mph
  63. Sean Gannon from Unknown 51mph
  64. Stuart McCulley from Berks 51mph
  65. Stuart Murphy from Glasgow 51mph
  66. Alex Mowatt-Larssen from Texas 50mph
  67. Glen Cherry from Australia 50mph
  68. Ian Prosser from Cathcart 50mph
  69. Jack Giblin from East Kilbride 50mph
  70. John Paul Doyle from Blantyre 50mph
  71. Malcolm McKenzie from Edinburgh 50mph
  72. Matthew Dovey from Treharris 50mph
  73. Matthew Peters from Wisbech 50mph
  74. Stuart Humphries from Great Chesterford 50mph
  75. Brandon Griffin from Scotland 49mph
  76. Ciaran Marshall from Aberdeen 49mph
  77. David Irvine from Paisley 49mph
  78. Jordan Anderson from Perth 49mph
  79. Matt Pearce from Derby 49mph
  80. Conor McCarthy from Cork 48mph
  81. Dylan Sheil from Unknown 48mph
  82. Ethan from San Francisco 48mph
  83. Graeme Morrison from Moodiesburn 48mph
  84. James Field from Barrow 48mph
  85. Nick Dhillon from Falkirk 48mph
  86. Tom Lowe from Glasgow 48mph
  87. Alexander McQuillan from Gourock 47mph
  88. Ciaran McKenna from Glasgow 47mph
  89. Gareth Davies from Staffs 47mph
  90. James Robinson from Hull 47mph
  91. Jordan Khan from Paisley 47mph
  92. Martin O’Donnell from Greenhills 47mph
  93. Nico Hamton from Saltcoats 47mph
  94. Scott Anderson from Edinburgh 47mph
  95. Clemens Rychlik from Austria 46mph
  96. Colin Stevenson from Cardrosse 46mph
  97. J McGill from Airdrie 46mph
  98. James Baillie from Surrey 46mph
  99. Jonathan McFarland from Ballymoney 46mph
  100. Kelsey Ronan from Mossley 46mph
  1. Shelley Rothney from Aberdeen 75mph
  2. Ashley Herbert from Ipswich 62mph
  3. Joanna Miller from Inverurie 60mph
  4. Ola Nordstedt from Helsingborg 60mph
  5. Mandy Souter from Monifieth 57mph
  6. Terri Gorman from East Kilbride 56mph
  7. Ashley Charles from Newmarket 54mph
  8. Kara Scoular from Kilmarnock 54mph
  9. Kazuki Takeda from Japan 54mph
  10. Kylie Jens from Edinburgh 52mph
  11. A Ewing from Glasgow 50mph
  12. J P McCafferty from Newmains 50mph
  13. Kirsten Tiolants from Austria 50mph
  14. Samantha Hughes from Glasgow 50mph
  15. Lindzi Bayne from Dreghorn 49mph
  16. Vicky Naus from Austria 49mph
  17. M Sloss from Glasgow 48mph
  18. Nadine McLaughlin from Rotorua 48mph
  19. Natalie Brown from Unknown 48mph
  20. Francis Sheridan from Glasgow 47mph
  21. Gaia Scascia from Unknown 47mph
  22. Izabelle Syren from Sweden 47mph
  23. Laura Townsend from Johnshaven 47mph
  24. Mary McCafferty from Parkhouse 47mph
  25. Mrs Carrick from Dalmuir 47mph
  26. Julie Thomson from Motherwell 46mph
  27. Leah Campbell from Glasgow 46mph
  28. Alicia Harrison from Crossford 45mph
  29. Danielle McClay from Scotstoun 45mph
  30. Isabel McKeurtan from Cumbernauld 45mph
  31. Leah Collins from Falkirk 45mph
  32. Rebecca Thoday from Cambs 45mph
  33. Shannon Galbraith-Kent from USA 45mph
  34. Siobhan Johnston from Bishopbriggs 45mph
  35. Carwyn Price from Gwynedd 44mph
  36. Lynsey Sinclair from Lybster 44mph
  37. Monica O’Neill from East Kilbride 44mph
  38. Alison Forsyth from Galashiels 43mph
  39. Clare Lawrence from Australia 43mph
  40. Lori Savona from Manchester 43mph
  41. Jackie Imlach from Cornhill 42mph
  42. Jolanda de Groot from Alkmaar 42mph
  43. Karen Wood from Kilmarnock 42mph
  44. Maciej Nitka from Poland 42mph
  45. Mariska from Holland 42mph
  46. Michelle Robson from Dumfries 42mph
  47. Alison Moodie from Strathblane 41mph
  48. Ina Richter from Germany 41mph
  49. Judith Sild from Austria 41mph
  50. Kirsteen Exley from Cardross 41mph
  51. Laura MacDonald from Govan 41mph
  52. Lindsey Smith from Scotland 41mph
  53. Lynne Fechman from Cumbernauld 41mph
  54. Megan Davidson from Lyne of Skene 41mph
  55. Rachelle Meyer from New Zealand 41mph
  56. Ashley Martin from Ayr 40mph
  57. Cherry Forrest from Glasgow 40mph
  58. Debbie Copeland from Unknown 40mph
  59. Donna Adair from Mossblown 40mph
  60. Gillian Tolmie from Edinburgh 40mph
  61. Hannah Smith from Cambs 40mph
  62. Karin Elser from Germany 40mph
  63. Kelsy Seyb from Auckland 40mph
  64. Marilyn Black from Blantyre 40mph
  65. Marita Delahaye from Netherlands 40mph
  66. Marrianne Mason from Sheffield 40mph
  67. Natalie Cooper from Glasgow 40mph
  68. Nikki Moggach from Carterton 40mph
  69. Paula Timmons from Co. Limerick 40mph
  70. Rayne McMillan from Dennistoun 40mph
  71. Stacey Bell from Dunfermline 40mph
  72. Allison Brown from USA 39mph
  73. Elaine Lawther from Edinburgh 39mph
  74. Jen Mouat from Dalbeattie 39mph
  75. Jill Cocker from Aberdeen 39mph
  76. Kerrie Moorhead from Washington 39mph
  77. Kirsteen Gourlay from Dumfries 39mph
  78. Linnea Anderson from Sweden 39mph
  79. Lynne Middler from Aberdeen 39mph
  80. Veronica Cooper from Bolivia 39mph
  81. Caitlin Watters from U.K. 38mph
  82. Debbie MacDonald from USA 38mph
  83. Debra Van Den Bleeken from Belgium 38mph
  84. Ilena Cruttenden from Aberdeen 38mph
  85. Katja Eefner from Germany 38mph
  86. Kelly Cook from Hamilton 38mph
  87. Kerry Lockerbie from Dunfermline 38mph
  88. Lauren Sneddon from Paisley 38mph
  89. Lesley McNab from East Dunbartonshire 38mph
  90. Lisa Taylor from Glasgow 38mph
  91. Lorna from Troon 38mph
  92. Lorraine Walker from Motherwell 38mph
  93. Louise Göthfors from Sweden 38mph
  94. Selina Edward from Alford 38mph
  95. Sharon O’Harney from Glasgow 38mph
  96. Susan Dixon from Cumbernauld 38mph
  97. Tessy I from Belgium 38mph
  98. Senga Hannah from Dumfries 37mph
  99. Ayla Pollock from Unknown 5mph
  1. Aaron Patterson from Strabane 73mph
  2. Marco Trox from The Netherlands 73mph
  3. David Donnelly from Unknown 72mph
  4. John Leese from Beith 72mph
  5. Mark Reid from Ardrossan 72mph
  6. Issad Adem from France 70mph
  7. Matt Finch from Sheffield 67mph
  8. Donald Irvine from Shawlands 66mph
  9. Kris Rodger from Glasgow 65mph
  10. Lee Ainslie from Abu Dhabi 65mph
  11. Lewis Keenan from Bristol 65mph
  12. Paul Lucas from Birmingham 65mph
  13. Reon Juskowiak from Glasgow 65mph
  14. Sinan from Munich 65mph
  15. Adam Whitelaw from Glasgow 64mph
  16. Aidan Shearer from Kilmarnock 64mph
  17. George Houston from Ayr 64mph
  18. Graeme McKenzie from Gartocharn 64mph
  19. Jamie Cleland from Dunfermline 64mph
  20. P Hing from Unknown 64mph
  21. Paul Bertolotto from Edinburgh 64mph
  22. Robert Lebbon from Unknown 64mph
  23. Stuart Robertson from Lenzie 64mph
  24. Brian Gibson from Bishopton 63mph
  25. Calum Beaton from Bearsden 63mph
  26. Colin Swan from Airdrie 63mph
  27. Darren from Glasgow 63mph
  28. David Donaghy from Glasgow 63mph
  29. Jim McKnight from Sydney 63mph
  30. M Aulsberry from Kent 63mph
  31. Neil Hardie from Heathwood Dr 63mph
  32. Paul Atkin from Glasgow 63mph
  33. Ryan Daniels from Suffolk 63mph
  34. George Sutherland from Tayport 62mph
  35. James Sneddon from Renfrew 62mph
  36. Jamie Masson from Forres 62mph
  37. Jeroen Meulinl from Netherlands 62mph
  38. John Wood from Glasgow 62mph
  39. Marcel Welte from Germany 62mph
  40. Ross MacDonald from Livingston 62mph
  41. Alan Burrell from Ayr 61mph
  42. Alan McPhail from Moodiesburn 61mph
  43. Alex Lambie from Ormskirk 61mph
  44. Andrew Collins from USA 61mph
  45. Andrew Jarvis from Cumbernauld 61mph
  46. Chris Robertson from Lochwinnoch 61mph
  47. Danny Green from Unknown 61mph
  48. David Brown from Inverkip 61mph
  49. Dominic Forina from Glasgow 61mph
  50. Dougie Stevenson from Glasgow 61mph
  51. Edrian Skea from Kirkwall 61mph
  52. Gordon Rorison from Maybole 61mph
  53. Ian McGeechan from Prestwick 61mph
  54. John Allan from Renfrew 61mph
  55. Jordon Black from Glasgow 61mph
  56. Lee Marlborough from Chadderton 61mph
  57. Lloyd Lee from Glasgow 61mph
  58. Mark McGhee from Galston 61mph
  59. Robert Brunton from Edinburgh 61mph
  60. Ross Fisher from Glasgow 61mph
  61. Alex Terry from Robroyston 60mph
  62. Andrew Wilson from Burnside 60mph
  63. Chris Neill from Kilwinning 60mph
  64. Craig Allan from Scotland 60mph
  65. Derek Guthrie from Forfar 60mph
  66. Douglas Wilson from Roystonhill 60mph
  67. Grant Blyth from Unknown 60mph
  68. Jamie Murchie from Dunblane 60mph
  69. Martin Hristov from Bulgaria 60mph
  70. Patrick Finnon from Dundee 60mph
  71. Rab Robertson from Armadale 60mph
  72. Ronnie Lockyer from Balerno 60mph
  73. Ross Menzies from Dunfermline 60mph
  74. Stephen Clark from Carnoustie 60mph
  75. Stuart Young from Crieff 60mph
  76. Thomas Dominik from Belgium 60mph
  77. Tom Milward from Stratford 60mph
  78. Wissler Eugene from Ensisheim, France 60mph
  79. Allan from Alloa 59mph
  80. Calum Leahy from Baystonhill 59mph
  81. Charles Neil from Kilbarchan 59mph
  82. Chris Bainbridge from Faifley 59mph
  83. Chris McMahon from Kinloss 59mph
  84. Colin Gittins from Gloucester 59mph
  85. Colm McGuire from Glasgow 59mph
  86. David McLaughlin from Holland 59mph
  87. Derek Brown from Ayr 59mph
  88. Ewan Hitchell from Dalbeattie 59mph
  89. Graeme Henderson from Kirkintilloch 59mph
  90. Ian Jackson from Burton on Trent 59mph
  91. Neil Mitchell from Preston 59mph
  92. Paul Hoppell from Leeds 59mph
  93. Peter Smith from New Zealand 59mph
  94. Richard Toms from Oldham 59mph
  95. Samuel Mathieson from Port Glasgow 59mph
  96. Scott Garson from Orkney 59mph
  97. Steven Barr from Irvine 59mph
  98. Stuart Hamilton from Knowehead Farm 59mph
  99. Vincent Oppedijk from The Netherlands 59mph
  100. Wesley Dupont from Belgium 59mph
  101. Jonathan Ireland from Prestwick 46mph