The History of Scottish Football 1980-1999 – Hampden Riot 1980

On 10th May 1980 the Scottish Cup Final between Rangers and Celtic ended with crowd trouble.

Celtic fans spilled onto the pitch to celebrate victory.  Rangers fans responded by swarming onto the field to vent their anger.  The pitch became a battleground, fans fought, destroyed terracing and threw bottles, stones and cans onto the field.

The police were unable to push back the initial invasion of Celtic fans.  They had decided not to follow the traditional tactic of flooding the track with officers.  Eventually mounted police restored order.

The SFA held an inquiry which condemned both sets of fans.  The clubs were both fined £20,000.  The enquiry condemned sectarianism, which it claimed to be ‘the root cause of the hatred and bitterness which has existed between the two sets of supporters for decades.’

Alcohol consumption was identified as a major element in football crowd trouble.  The criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980 was passed as a result.

Alcohol consumption within Football Stadiums is again being discussed in 2015, 35 years on.