Visit to Sanderson High School

David Miller (Outreach & Digitisation Assistant) went out to Sanderson High School in East Kilbride. The pupils were studying  the First World War and one theme was the Christmas truce football match.

David gave a presentation on Football and the First World War, with focus on football during the Christmas truce. He included images, and many of the stories which feature in the Museum’s current Football On Parade exhibition. David related this to the topics which the pupils had studied and explained how significant football was in bonding soldiers of the same and opposing sides in 1914.

Pupils were encouraged to ask questions and David had taken along one of our older footballs to give a sense of context. They then took part in 3 school wide football matches in memory of the Christmas truce.

This is the feedback given by one of the Principal Teachers:

“Hi David

I just want to drop you a note to say how grateful we are that you came over this afternoon. Staff have also asked me to thank you because they thought you did a great job and with a tough crowd.

Thanks again and all the best”